WorkSmart Coworking Space Launching In Hicksville

WorkSmart Coworking Space, the modern workplace of Long Island. Launching in Hicksville this year. The Hicksville Revitalization Initiative is bringing incredible things for the downtown area, including WorkSmart on 35 South Broadway.

The “strategic, transit-oriented development investments” will increase access to public transportation, redevelop underutilized properties, introduce new mixed-use infrastructure (including residential and retail uses), increase parking options and otherwise spruce up Hicksville’s downtown area, according to the governor’s office.

Calling Hicksville “a critical transportation hub for Long Islanders,” Cuomo said in a statement that the idea is to “entice those who pass through to stay and further invest in this great community.”

-One Year Later, Hicksville’s Downtown Gears Up

Networking events and community outreach projects will be regularly conducted throughout the year at WorkSmart. Building up local small businesses by bringing a workplace that combines function and customizability to Hicksville. With the intent to maximize the work day, bring together possibilities, and create opportunities.

Join the new hub for small businesses, entrepreneurs and industry experts.


We are redefining coworking for Long Island. Building a community space that will make our local businesses prosper. The world has changed, and so has the workplace. Join us in the future of how we work together, WorkSmart™ with G2D.



Each of our properties is developed and upheld to the highest standards. We make people our priority and help our communities thrive.


We are dedicated to building up local businesses, utilizing our spaces to create the ideal environment for networking and local exposure.


We are committed to supporting the surrounding areas in which our projects are built. Every G2D Property is dedicated to the betterment of its location.


The human connection is what inspires us all. G2D’s WorkSmart Coworking brings together the community to enrich and inspire those working in it’s spaces.


For more information about joining us in WorkSmart, please email us at

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