Huntington Village Apartments at the Lofts At 30 Stewart. Interior of Master bedroom with Ensuite Bath.


When decorating an apartment, we have a few pro tips for you! Our designers and the president of G2D Properties weigh in on the design at our Huntington Village Apartment, The Lofts At 30 Stewart. Whether you’re looking to move into a new place (interested in scheduling your tour of the Lofts?) or simply want to refresh your own space, these apartment decorating ideas will make your experience so much fun.

Include Multi-
Functional Furniture
In Your
Design Plan

An upholstered ottoman can serve as storage, a table and a seat. For master bedrooms, having a seating option that is functional for the apartment lifestyle is key. Alison DeRosa, President of G2D Properties also enhanced each unit to have extra storage at the Lofts.

Invest in pieces that have multiple functions to maximize the space. With high ceiling heights also come the opportunity to create vertical spaces that can really make a statement. Whether that means adding shelving, mirrors, or hanging up some art, this will make your space pop.


Choose Color
That Enhance
Your Spaces

When you have two bedrooms to work with, give each one its own distinct personality. Changing the color scheme, so when you move from one room to the next, each space feels unique, from the furniture to the decor.

“It feels really soothing, really serene,” says designer Teresa Sparaco about the second bedroom at the Lofts At 30 Stewart. The blue tones in the wall art were the jumping-off point for the room’s palette. The dark neutral headboard and lush plants add to the tranquility.

Huntington Village Apartments At the Lofts At 30 Stewart

Turn The
Master En-Suite
Bathroom Into
A Spa Oasis

When you’re relaxing at home, where do you spend most of your time? For most people, it’s only the living spaces or bedrooms. What if, instead of strictly utilitarian, your bathroom was a serene, spa oasis? With a few small stylistic changes, it can become a personal oasis — and the most relaxing room in your apartment.  Teresa added fresh orchids, green plants, and Eucalyptus in the shower to bring in the feeling of an upscale spa.

Maximize Your
Living Space
Through Texture
Versus Color

Don’t be tempted to break up a room with color-blocking or by sectioning off spaces in an attempt to make it feel larger, using a neutral palette and pops of natural green from plants help make a cohesive open concept living space.

Huntington Village Apartments. Interior of Living Space at the Lofts At 30 Stewart by G2D Group.

Layering without creating clutter, especially in apartments, takes a keen eye. Teresa opted for pops of colors from plants rather than through her object groupings. Adding in neutral books, objets, and lamps of various heights is a smart way to entertain the eye.

Buy The
Right Sized
Furniture To Fit
Your Space

Having a designer’s expertise does a lot for creating beautiful apartment environment, especially when you are a person used to having a house with more space . Number one piece of advice from our designer – “Buy furniture that is the right scale for a your space,” Teresa says. “It requires a lot of measuring, detailed space planning and an understanding of how to create functional flow in a room.”

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